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Zombies Cant Jump 2

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About the game

tarihinde eklendi Nisan 18, 2017
Nothing can stop the march of the undead, except tall towers and bullets. Good luck and have fun!
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Mexican gunman Pedro and his sexy girlfriend Juana found themselves in an uncomfortable situation. Just as they wandered through the desert heading to the nearby village to show there their gun skills, a zombie apocalypse broke out, and now, instead of angry cowboys, they must protect themselves against hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. All they carry is a few boxes and their pistols, which they would never let use anyone else. The only luck is that these dumb zombies cannot jump. Build a tower from boxes, snipe the zombies that are approaching and buy upgrades. Have fun.
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  • 2D graphics
  • Action-packed intense gameplay
  • Easy to learn, hard to master
Yayın tarihi
Nisan 2017
Zombies Cant Jump 2, Kiz10 tarafından geliştirilmiştir
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This Zombies Cant Jump 2 game can be played directly in your browser, free of charge. This game has been played 7.8k times and has a promising start. This awesome game has been made by Kiz10 and was built with SUGGEST technology to work fast in most browsers. If you enjoy this Zombies Cant Jump 2 game, make sure to check out our other exciting games.