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Ragdoll Gangs

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About the game

tarihinde eklendi Aralık 29, 2020
Get ready to fight with Ragdoll Gangs using everything you got at your disposal. Make sure you keep an eye out for the boxes, they contain weapons!
  • Move Player 1
    Punch Player 1
    Kick Player 1
    Interact Player 1
    Run Player 1
    Move Player 2
    Punch Plyer 2
    Kick Player 2
    Run Player 2
    Interact Player 2
Hey there fighting games fan! Are you up for some action? If so then check out Ragdoll Gangs which is available for free right now here at VitalityGames.com! In this game, you get to go against street fighters and you must use your fighting skills to survive. But you don't have to fight empty-handed, keep an eye out for the boxes you'll see scattered across the map, they contain powerful weapons that can help you win your fight. But it's not all just fighting, sometimes you'll have to use your brain too, for example, there is a level where you must trap your opponents and cage them. It will require some coordination and good timing on your part. If you follow the game's indications you'll become the best street fighter in no time.
You can also bring a friend over and fight each other in the 2 player mode!
Do you think you can master this fighter game? Click play and find out!
  • Good looking 3D low poly graphics
  • Challenging but fun gameplay
  • Easy to learn controls
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
Yayın tarihi
Aralık 2020
Ragdoll Gangs, RHM Interactive tarafından geliştirilmiştir
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This Ragdoll Gangs game can be played directly in your browser, free of charge. This game has been played 5.7k times and has received a rating of 3.63 / 5 din 70 votes. This awesome game has been made by RHM Interactive and was built with WEBGL technology to work fast in most browsers. To have a more enjoyable experience this game can be played in fullscreen mode also. If you enjoy this Ragdoll Gangs game, make sure to check out our other exciting games.